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5 Reasons Behind Why Nonprofits Love Cryptocurrency

August 17, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to boost donations for your fundraiser while reaching a larger global audience, then cryptocurrency could be exactly what you need. Cryptocurrency is taking the world of nonprofits by storm, thanks to the wide range of benefits it brings to charities as well as donors. More and more nonprofits are looking for ways to make transactions transparent, provide financial stability to their organizations, and help their donors through tax incentives. Cryptocurrency offers all these benefits, and also makes it easier for nonprofits to gain donations from people anywhere in the world. 

The crypto space is an emerging tech landscape, and it’s consistently being improved so that users can find it more approachable and worth investing in. Linking philanthropy to cryptocurrency might sound unusual at first, but when you stop to think about it, there is a lot that the two can gain from each other. The emerging technology within the digital world of cryptocurrency gives nonprofits a secure and stable way to access new avenues for financial growth, as well as providing a much-needed avenue towards reaching millions of people across the world.

Charities work best when nonprofits and donors come together to present a united effort, and thanks to cryptocurrency, the world can come together as a whole to positively impact the world!

People touching hands for open communication

1. Open communication

Cryptocurrency makes it easy for your nonprofit to be transparent in front of your donors. This transparency isn’t limited to why you’ve started your fundraising campaign and how you intend to provide aid, but also to how you will use the funds you have gathered through your fundraiser. This is because all the transactions within the crypto space can easily be tracked and traced through openly accessible ledgers. People want to know how their donations are being used to improve lives, and cryptocurrency donations gives them the opportunity to understand exactly how their philanthropy is aiding people to lead better lives. This also helps your nonprofit as people are more likely to donate to your cause when they find that their donations are genuinely helping in making the world become a better place.

Person holding world for donations

2. Reach out to donors from all across the world

Cryptocurrency allows you to crowdsource donations from anywhere in the world, without incurring bank transfer charges or conversion rates. So you can also reach and ask for donations from people who live on the other side of the world. You can also create fundraising campaigns to help people in another city, country or continent, and easily allocate and transfer funds online after your campaign has ended.

Helping children get better lives

3. Help people lead better lives

Cryptocurrency is still an emerging platform where nonprofits have already found great success. Starting a new fundraising campaign is extremely simple, and your main avenue to generate awareness for your fundraiser will be social media. As millions of people are already using cryptocurrency, you can turn to them to raise funds for worthwhile causes. People love to help others, especially when they know that their contributions will have a real impact in the world. Thousands of crypto donors have already contributed to worthwhile charities, and yours could be next!

Millions of dollars have already been contributed to fundraisers across the world using the cryptocurrency – and this is while cryptocurrency is still viewed as an emerging technology.

People creating virality

4. Generate viral content

Cryptocurrency is a great way to reach millions of users who are genuinely interested in helping your fundraiser succeed. You can easily reach millions of people, and make your marketing campaign for your fundraiser an instant success. Instead of worrying about how to reach new people who want to donate to your nonprofit, turn to cryptocurrency to find a lucrative way to enable more people to learn about your fundraiser!

Screen showing low volatility

5. Low volatility

Cryptocurrency platforms like Babb ensure that there is reduced financial volatility and allow you and your donors to enjoy the benefits of price stability. When there are low price fluctuations, you don’t have to worry about how the amount your nonprofit has received in donations will appreciate or depreciate. 

Cryptocurrency will only grow and garner more success in the future, especially as technical experts are constantly working to innovate and improve upon the existing crypto landscape. 

If you’re ready to reach millions of users across the world and generate more than enough funds for your nonprofit, then get the Babb app today! Technology and nonprofits can work together to bring about positive change in the world, use the #TechForGood hashtag after downloading Babb to show the world that you too are ready to use the benefits of new technology to help millions of people across the world!

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