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How to Make Your Fundraiser a Smashing Success

July 20, 2020

Are you ready to make an impact in the world? Fundraisers are a great way to gather finances for a cause, whether that be for you yourself, or for social welfare. People love being charitable, especially when they feel a personal connection to the charity they’re investing in. 

The best way to make your fundraiser a success is by being authentic, transparent, and open with your supporters. There are quite a few ways you can achieve this. Here are ten fundraising ideas that will help your cause get all the spotlight and donations it needs to make a change in the world.

Tell people the story behind why you started your fundraiser.

  • Invite your supporters into your world: Your supporters will want to know everything about the charity they are donating to. Why did you start the fundraiser? Who will it help? What is the change that you’re trying to bring into the world? The more information you provide on what started your fundraising journey, the more likely people are to be empathetic towards your cause and contribute to it. 
  • Use graphics and videos: Pictures tell brilliant stories. Gather presentable photos for your charity, make a collage or even a campaign video. Are you trying to raise money for an animal shelter? Gather funds to help children get access to food or school supplies? Raise enough funds to finally be able to go to University? Personal pictures help people relate to your cause, find your story believable, and develop a connection to your charity. 
  • What impact will your fundraiser have? If your supporters know how you intend to use the funds they are contributing towards your charity, they are more likely to invest in your purpose. Share your ideas, and let people know what you want to achieve. As the donations start pouring in, let your supporters know what their contributions will bring in. If you reached 25% of your total amount, disclose the impact of that amount, like, ‘We have raised ₱20,000 so far, this lets us feed and teach 100 kids.’ 

Visible milestones will encourage people to help you reach your goal.

  • Set achievable goals: If you ask for too much for your fundraiser, people might feel too intimidated to contribute. If you ask for too little, the amount you gather may ultimately not help you. By striking a balance with the amount you are trying to raise for charity, more people will willingly contribute to your cause. 
  • Keep your supporters updated: Social media is a great way to not just increase awareness about your charity, but also to inform people about how far your fundraiser has gone. It also helps you remind people that your fundraiser is still active, bringing in more donations. Thanking and congratulating people when you reach milestones like 25%, 50%, and 75% for your charity not only encourages more people to donate, but it also shows steady and successful progress for your fundraiser. 

Actively motivate people to donate to your cause.

  • Use social media to spread the word: Social media helps you find people from across the world who may be interested in helping your charity. Make accounts for your fundraiser on different platforms, and engage with people actively and consistently to increase awareness about your charity. 
  • Network and socialize: People you know and the people who live near you might also feel invested in donating to your cause, especially when it’s for local development. Tell your family, your friends, your neighbors, the pastor at your local church, the waiter at your favorite food joint—and don’t just ask them to donate, ask them to tell as many people as they can too. Flyers, posters, and leaflets will also help you bring in donations from people who live near you. 
  • Start the process to initiate the flow: When people find that someone has already donated to a fundraiser, they are more convinced to donate themselves. You can be the first person to donate to your cause, even when it’s only ₱50. If you can get your friends and family to help you as well, even better! 

Provide incentives to encourage donations.

  • Introduce prizes and shoutouts: If you want to increase donations, then start bringing in prizes for different amounts. You can give shoutouts to your top contributors, provide coupons, gift cards, or even thank you notes and videos. A great way to do this is to specify benefits when people donate specific amounts, such as ‘If you donate more than ₱100, we will send you a gift card, if you donate more than ₱500, we will send you a personal message, if you donate more than ₱100o, we will invite you to visit our charity once the fundraiser is over.’ A fundraiser party once the donation period is over is another way to motivate people and that way you can celebrate your success with the people that made it happen as well!
  • Be consistently active: As long as your fundraiser is active, keep on posting on social media regularly. Thank the people who contribute to your charity, keep sharing updates on what the amount raised will accomplish and how far you’ve come. The best way to make people enthusiastic about your cause is to be enthusiastic yourself! 

Now that you know what you need to do to start your very own successful fundraiser, it’s time to launch. Get the BABB app to start your fundraiser and begin making a positive impact in the world. 

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