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How to Use and Set Up a Fundraiser on Babb

September 7, 2020

Having adequate financial resources is one of the many elements that determine whether your fundraiser campaign is successful. Accepting cryptocurrency helps your cause receive donations from a larger pool of donors and the entire process becomes transparent while decreasing the fees for every transaction.

As 1.9 million adults in the UK hold crypto assets, it becomes a necessity to open your fundraiser to cryptocurrency donations. By creating an account on Babb, you can have your campaign ready to receive contributions quickly. How do you use this platform to start a fundraiser? Given below is a guide to help you with this activity.

Step 1: Create an account

To create an account, you have to download the Babb app. You need to verify your account by providing essential documents. In the app, tap on your profile found in the top right corner of your screen. Within ten minutes, you will receive a notification informing you about the status of your application.

Step 2: Set up your fundraising campaign

On the mobile app, find ‘Fundraising’. Click on ‘My Campaigns’, and tap on ‘Add a New Campaign’. Depending on your cause, choose an appropriate category – Personal or Public. Provide all the necessary details for creating your fundraising campaign. The app will ask you for a photograph, title, and description for this charitable cause.

You also need to provide the amount you want to raise for your campaign. If you have any parameters you want to set, such as location, type, and finish date, you can do so in the app. Click on ‘Submit’ and your campaign will go for a review.

Step 3: Create channels to receive cryptocurrency donations

After a successful verification, you can now start receiving tokens from cryptocurrency users. You can share your Babb QR code, which people can scan and send donations. Head to ‘My Babb’ screen and tap ‘Review’ to get the QR code for your fundraiser.

You can also share the Babb ERC-20 Wallet Address to potential donors. Visit the ‘My Babb’ screen and choose ‘Receive’. Select ‘Copy’ and share the link on all the channels you use to communicate with philanthropists. 

When you download Babb for your fundraising campaign, you can increase how much your cause receives from every donation. The platform doesn’t charge users with donor fees, enabling your campaign to accept contributions all over the world. Get Babb today and simplify how you raise funds for your cause!

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