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Introducing the first ever hybrid Babb Account for the benefit of humanity.

Your FIAT, stablecoin and crypto, all in one app.
Babb Account for the benefit of humanity

Submit your email address to get whitelisted and check the product roadmap below to expect an email with the product upon release in your region.

Deployment roadmap

Q4 2022

Beta testing for the UK

Q1 2023

Launch of UK Babb Accounts

Q2 2023

  • Launch of UK debit cards
  • Launch of EU Babb Accounts
  • Launch of EU debit cards

Q4 2023

  • Launch of US Babb Accounts
  • Launch of US debit cards
Babb Bank Card

The First Inclusive UK Hybrid Account

Babb brings you the best of both worlds with the introduction of its new banking service product using the latest web3 banking technology on the Blockchain. Merging DeFi, for transparency and anonymity, with the safety and security found in traditional methods to offer a fair, convenient, affordable and inclusive personal banking experience.

Free of charge account registration

Simple top-up by bank transfer or card and withdrawal from your nearest local Babb trusted UK partners with minimal fees

Quick send and receive across the globe features, to other users inside the app for free.

Affordable conversion of your FIAT currencies to BAX, BTC or ETH with competitive fees involved.

Your FIAT, stablecoin, and crypto wallets -
all in one app.

Yes you heard it right. All three wallets on one single platform! Top-up to your Babb Account using a bank transfer or a card to simply pay your bills or settle with a friend on the app, or convert 1:1 to their respective stablecoin CurrencyX™ and then to BAX, BTC and ETH. No middlemen involved, no complications. 

We charge as little as possible.
No subscription.

by card or bank transfer

funds globally to users inside the app or send to an external wallet or account

funds from users inside the app with minimal fees involved

to CurrencyX™ stablecoins or BAX, ETH and BTC inside the app with competitive fees involved

Ride the wave and embrace the future of decentralized finance.

Joining the Babb community will empower you to play a role in the rise of DeFi 2.0 and become a patron of our mission to make financially-inclusive services available to the world without boundaries or barriers.

All in one FIAT, stablecoin, crypto wallet

Safe, secure and transparent banking experience

Regulated FIAT and crypto app

Eco friendly banking

Financially inclusive product

Be the first to own it!

Submit your email address and check the product roadmap above to expect an email with the product upon release in your region.