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  • A universally inclusive, state-of-the art financial services technology.
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Since our launch earlier this year, we’ve received incredible support from our Babb community.

The Babb App
empowers you to

Raise Funds or Support a Cause

  • Support positive change projects and foster community development
  • Expand crowdsource fundraising globally
  • Support your families and friends with ease, wherever they may be

Send and Receive funds in multiple currencies

  • Cut out the middlemen and send money directly to any Babb user around the world.
  • No queues, no time wasters.
  • Micropayments made affordable

Embrace the future of finance

  • One place to store and manage all your digital funds.
  • Enhance security
  • Personal wallets using blockchain technology
  • Convert easily from one currency to another – say goodbye to the word ’remittance’

Babb’s App empowers you to

Raise Funds or Support a Cause

Send and Receive funds in multiple currencies

Embrace the future of finance

Donations that make a difference

Champion a fundraise for a cause

Help a local community, pay for hospital bills, or build schools

Crowdsource funding across borders

Expand the opportunity to fundraise globally.

Donate to a project you care about

Opportunities to contribute to a wide range of causes around the world.

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Send, Receive and Convert online digital currencies

Create a campaign and receive funding

Donate in BAX or other currencies

Top up your wallet and withdraw in fiat*

*in selected jurisdictions

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