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Fees and Limits

BABB Fee Structure 


For deposits/cash-in – zero (0) fees. All deposits from external wallets and accounts into a Babb wallet is not chargeable. These include the following: 
  • Crypto Deposit from external sources into a Babb Crypto wallet 
  • Donation from an external crypto account into a BAX campaign wallet. 


 For BAX Purchases via fiat – 5% chargeable on: 
  • Purchase of Crypto from Fiat to deposit into Babb Crypto wallet – (conversion fees apply; see below. Also, please note that your bank or card issuer may charge you in addition.) 
  • Donation from a credit/debit card into a BAX campaign wallet (your card issuer may apply charges). 


Internal Peer-to-Peer Transfer – zero (0) Babb fees.

All internal transfers are not chargeable. This include any same currency peer to peer cryptocurrency transfer 


Currency conversion (crypto) – 3% applicable on the relevant exchange rate, on the source currency. This includes: 
  • ETH to BAX 
  • BAX to ETH 
  • BAX to BTC 
  • BTC to BAX 


Currency conversion (crypto/fiat) – 5% applicable on the relevant exchange rate, on the source currency. This includes: 
  • Fiat to BAX – conversion fee applicable to any purchase of BAX via a bank transfer or card transaction to send to an internal BAX wallet 
  • BAX to Fiat – conversion fee applicable to any cash withdrawal from BAX or any other supported cryptocurrency to send to a bank account. 


  • Fundraising is being phased out, the remaining applicable fees relate to withdrawals from existing campaigns.  
  • Fundraising campaign fees – 5% chargeable on withdrawal/transfer from the BAX campaign wallet to any internal Babb wallet 


Withdrawal fees – Withdrawals out of any internal Babb wallet/account to an external wallet or account is chargeable at 5%. These include: 
  • Peer-to-peer transfer crypto transfer from a Babb wallet to an external network wallet -5% plus gas/network fees 
  • Cryptocurrency conversion to cash out into fiat – 5% on BABB crypto to fiat withdrawals in the form of a bank account transfer. Conversion fees apply additionally. 

Fees and Limits