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October 28, 2022 | Cryptocurrency

BABB’s CEO Becomes the First to Receive His Salary in GBPx Stablecoin

Learn more about the BABB platform’s milestone moment as the BABB CEO is the first to receive a salary in GBPx stablecoin via the app. What next for crypto?


October 17, 2022 | Infrastructure

Babb is Phasing Out Certain Services Related to the Recent OLD BAX Swap

Babb is phasing out OLD BAX token related operations as part of its recent app revamp activities to clear the way for the introduction of the Babb Banking Service in 2023 and to steam off some load off the app and reduce the administrative costs for record keeping.  


September 29, 2022 | Exchange

BAX Got Listed on the MEXC Global Exchange

We are proud to announce the listing of BAX on MEXC Global Exchange, ranked as the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange in a recent article published by Coin Gecko. This partnership is one of many endeavors being set in place for implementation by the Babb team in the aim of boosting the BAX token’s liquidity in preparations for the upcoming crucial milestones we have ahead of us in Q4, 2022 and Q1, 2023. 


September 16, 2022 | Infrastructure

The Merge: Ethereum’s Mainnet Upgrade 

“The Merge” is what Ethereum calls its mainnet upgrade intended to combine the Ethereum mainnet with the Proof of Stake Beacon Chain to make it more scalable and energy efficient.


September 2, 2022 | Platform

The Babb Platform Gets a Crucial Update to Mark the Start of the New Era.

In the latest sprint, Babb’s focus was to integrate the long-awaited Currency X™ wallet into the app and introduce USDx to join GBPx and RIALx in the Currency X™ stablecoin family.


June 2, 2022 | Infrastructure

BABB’s Upgraded BAX Smart Contract.

The snapshot swap and the priority request portal At last fellow Babbians 👋   We can finally confirm that our upgraded contract is now fully tested and the snapshot swap is set to happen at midnight connecting June 6 to June 7, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). During the swap, the current (old) BAX will be replaced […]


May 20, 2022 | Infrastructure

BABB’s Upgraded BAX Smart Contract

The new token and what comes next hello fellow Babbians 👋 We have some more exciting news to share with you about our upgraded BAX smart contract. We are delighted to announce that the contract audit has been completed. This brings us one step closer to solidifying the swap process and affords us the opportunity to […]


May 13, 2022 | Infrastructure

BABB’s Upgraded BAX Smart Contracts

The what & the why? gm fellow Babbians 👋 In a recent twitter poll we conducted, 67% conveyed that they are positive on a BAX smart contract update while 18% wanted more information before sharing their opinion. The purpose of this announcement is to articulate the planned changes, outline the benefits and hopefully address the […]


September 7, 2020 | Cryptocurrency

Blockchain: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which will bring transformative change to governments, business, healthcare, finance, and other industries. However, when you look at its definition, you feel lost due to the use of technical jargon. Fortunately, blockchain is quite easy to understand, even if you aren’t a technological guru. Today, Babb will explain the basics […]


August 3, 2020 | Cryptocurrency

New to Cryptocurrencies? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used for either trading or transacting. If you are a beginner in the world of digital currencies, then it is important to be well-informed about some key aspects, to be both benefitted and protected by such currencies. 1. What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies use encryption methods for their generation and use. […]


| Cryptocurrency

BAX Token Updates

TL;DR BABB team is currently working on the next exciting new project involving GBP Money accounts and linked debit cards. 10 billion BAX will be reserved for the treasury in order to be used in the development and deployment of this major project. As promised during the BAX swap last year, we are informing our […]


| Financial Inclusion

The Road To Financial Inclusion: Building New User Behaviour Through FMIs

Commonly referred to as the plumbing of the financial system, financial market infrastructure (FMI) is composed of payment and settlement systems which enable transactions to take place. When FMIs are coupled with the curation of new user behaviour in emerging markets, it can ensure the smooth functioning of a financial system.   However, financial market infrastructure […]


| Financial Inclusion

How Mobile Technology Has Reduced The Number of Unbanked People Globally

There is no doubt that mobile technology is empowering the world’s unbanked. It allows underserved individuals to gain more access to the financial tools they need, all the while making it possible for them to utilise services through the convenience of a smartphone. In fact, the mobile technology sector has made significant strides in reducing […]