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    Our Humble Story

    About us

    Our Humble Story

    Babb was born in 2018 because we envisioned a world that is financially-inclusive. We firmly believe access to basic financial services is a fundamental human right irrespective of who we are, where we come from, our background or income and a right that is paramount to ending poverty and socio-economic inequalities while championing democratization, shared prosperity, & fairness.

    Our resounding call advocating
    for regulations in cryptocurrencies
    is a reaffirmation of our
    unhindered commitment to
    speed up and maximize the
    adoption of safe & equal access
    to financial inclusion.

    Home is where the heart is. We are dealing with the needs of people in Yemen who are reeling from political and economic unrest before we expand our services to the rest of the world. We are financially-uplifting the Yemeni people through our vision-driven app that facilitates a safe, secure and efficient way to make, move & manage funds & transfers. This Yemeni model will serve as the blueprint with which Babb aims to broaden its value propositions and meet the needs of the global population.

    Our Team

    Our Long-Run Vision

    We aim to be the world bank for the micro economy

    Our sights are set on one goal - A goal to serve
    the micro economy and accelerate financial
    inclusion to the unbanked worldwide.

    Our Short-Run Mission

    #TechForGood is at the core of everything we are. Billions of people around the world are unbanked, and more and more people are finding themselves within the micro economy. Our mission is to uplift this underserved demographic by building a simple, safe, fast, and bullet-proof financial services platform that can be used by anyone, anywhere, bringing state-of-the-art technology to support our vision of making financial inclusion a global right.

    Our Diverse Identity

    Our Diverse Identity

    Using inclusion as a tool to power diversity, we’ve actively handpicked talents from all around the world. We are committed to continuing to make transparency and accountability a part of everything we do. At Babb we celebrate our diverse team that is purpose-built to surmount challenges and bolster innovation.

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