New to Cryptocurrencies? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

August 3, 2020

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used for either trading or transacting. If you are a beginner in the world of digital currencies, then it is important to be well-informed about some key aspects, to be both benefitted and protected by such currencies.

1. What is cryptocurrency?

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies use encryption methods for their generation and use. Blockchain technology ensures that cryptocurrency data remains secure.


2. How does cryptocurrency work in practice?

How does cryptocurrency work in practice?

Cryptocurrencies are usually not issued by any central authority. Most cryptocurrencies are issued by companies or organisations.

These digital currencies are referred to as tokens in practice (for example, the BAX tokens from BABB). These tokens can be used for transactions with the company. The first step to buying cryptocurrencies is exchanging your real currency for the former. Some companies may require you to pay in cryptocurrencies only and not in traditional currencies. Once you buy a cryptocurrency, you would need a wallet to store it in. You can own an online wallet by downloading a wallet app. If you are buying cryptocurrencies as an investment, you can visit a reliable trading exchange online to buy the currency. Some trading exchange companies allow you to only trade in cryptocurrencies while others allow you to trade and store your currencies.

3. What is cryptocurrency encryption?

What is cryptocurrency encryption?

Cryptography methods, like modern asymmetric encryption methods, are the encryption used for cryptocurrencies. Encryption ensures that cryptocurrencies are not counterfeited and that transactions are secure. Every cryptocurrency is encrypted, meaning encoded so that the cryptocurrency is safe from nefarious actors on the network.  

4. How valuable are cryptocurrencies?

How valuable are cryptocurrencies? The total market capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market peaked at over $2.9 trillion in November 2021. As of the end of 2022, that market cap now stands at just $798 billion. (2 Jan 2023)  

5. Why do cryptocurrencies generate such interest in people?

Why do cryptocurrencies generate such interest in people?

There are multiple reasons behind the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies:

  • The lack of interference from centralized monetary authorities makes cryptocurrencies interesting for some people. This independence from a centralized authority ensures that the value of the currencies is not reduced over time due to inflation. The same cannot be said about traditional currencies, which experience decreased value over time.
  • Cryptocurrencies as such are becoming very popular because they are considered as dominant currencies of the future. Enthusiasts are keener on purchasing them before their value increases.
  • The secure technology backing cryptocurrencies is another attractive factor. Blockchain technology, which is the backbone of cryptocurrencies, enables decentralized processing.
  • Decentralized processing ensures that no single system or server in the currency network exercises control over the network. Every user or system in the network is an individual owner of the data and thus processes currency data individually. This form of decentralization eliminates the risk of a single-point failure, which otherwise can affect the entire network.
  • Some people are interested in cryptocurrencies solely for their potential investment value.

6. Is investing in cryptocurrencies advisable?

The risk of loss in trading or holding Digital Currencies and Cryptocurrencies can be substantial. As with any asset, the value of cryptocurrencies can go up or down (and can even drop to zero), may be very volatile and there can be a substantial risk that you lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in digital currencies and cryptocurrencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding digital currencies or cryptocurrencies is suitable for you in light of your own financial situation and attitude to risk, as evaluated by you carefully.

Every investment carries its own risks. Cryptocurrency investment is usually considered riskier than other investments, according to experts. Some reasons for this reputation of cryptocurrencies include:

  • Lack of any concrete cash flow in cryptocurrency transactions. There can be a profit only when someone pays more than what you did for the currency.
  • Lack of stability in the currency. Cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to extreme value variations – sudden increases and decreases. Currency stability is crucial for transactions because only then can merchants determine the right price for their goods or services.

However, given the current market value of cryptocurrencies as mentioned above, the fact also remains that they are hot commodities for investment. Some of the best ways to ensure that you profit from cryptocurrency investments include:

  • Choosing only reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Choosing the most reliable cryptocurrency wallet to store your currency.
  • Spreading your investment across different cryptocurrencies instead of a single currency.
  • Being prepared for the extreme lows and highs of the cryptocurrency market.

7. How legal are cryptocurrencies?

How legal are cryptocurrencies?

The use of cryptocurrencies is legal in many countries, including America, Europe, The UK, Turkey, South Africa, and Nigeria. These are the countries where cryptocurrencies are banned:

  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Bolivia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bangladesh
  • Qatar
  • Vietnam
  • Vanuatu
  • The Republic of Macedonia
  • Algeria

In countries such as India, Indonesia, China, Morocco, Nepal, Ecuador, and Zambia, cryptocurrency usage is legal but restricted. Knowledge of the legality of cryptocurrencies is crucial to reduce the risk of fraud.

8. What are the factors to watch out for before buying cryptocurrencies?

What are the factors to watch out for before buying cryptocurrencies?

The best way to protect oneself from fraudsters is to choose cryptocurrency companies wisely.

  • Know more about the owners of the company. Is the company owned by a well-known brand? Ownership by well-known brands is preferable.
  • Check if there are well-known investors onboard. Even if the ownership is held by an unknown brand, having a well-known brand as an investor on board is a good sign. If a well-known brand is willing to invest in the company, then the trust factor is increased.
  • Find out if the company already has the currency, or is in the process of developing the currency. It is always better to go for a company with its currencies in place rather than in the process of development.
  • Read the company’s terms and conditions, and its prospectus in detail before buying or investing in its cryptocurrency.

It is crucial to understand the risks and benefits inherent to cryptocurrencies before using them to further your financial goals.

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