BABB’s Upgraded BAX Smart Contract

May 20, 2022

The new token and what comes next

hello fellow Babbians 👋

We have some more exciting news to share with you about our upgraded BAX smart contract. We are delighted to announce that the contract audit has been completed. This brings us one step closer to solidifying the swap process and affords us the opportunity to bring Babb’s community up to date on what’s to come.


✅ Our new smart contract address for the upgraded BAX token will be:  0xf920e4F3FBEF5B3aD0A25017514B769bDc4Ac135 

✅ Our new contract has been officially audited and certified by Chainsulting. Here’s a link to the certificate.

▶️ Babb will spread the word about the upcoming swap and make sure that everyone is well prepared for the snapshot swap and the airdrop process.

⏩ We will release a web portal soon where Babbians can request a priority airdrop for their external BAX holdings.

The audit – new BAX has been certified 

The audit process has been successfully completed and our new BAX smart contract has received the required official certificate.

The audit was conducted by Chainsulting, Germany’s leading experts in distributed ledger & digital assets. They have previously audited projects such as Dia, 1inch and Loda.

The BAX swap timeframe – what our calendar should look like 

A very important item on our list is spreading the word to Babbians to make sure the community is well informed and ready for the upcoming swap date.

The upgraded BAX contract swap is planned for early June. We’re working with our service providers and partners to confirm an exact date that will be suitable for all parties to facilitate a safe and smooth swap.

The BAX swap timeframe – what our calendar should look like 

And don’t forget 

The upcoming airdrop portal is only for ERC20 external BAX wallet addresses such as MyEtherWallet, or any similar. You won’t need to request a priority airdrop for your BAX if you’re holding BAX in the Babb platform.

You won’t need to request a priority airdrop for your BAX receiving address on the Babb app or for your BAX receiving address on centralised exchanges such as Kucoin, Bittrex or Cointiger. We’ll be handling those as a priority, so don’t sweat it!

However, you will need to take action to move your BAX balance outside of smart contracts such as Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs), as Babb CANNOT process airdrops on these contracts. You will need to make sure to remove any existing balance from complicated smart contracts and DEXs before the swap date. 

We will communicate with major DEXs such as Uniswap and Sushiswap to inform them about the upcoming swap, however it’s your responsibility to get ready for the swap, as Babb has no control over external smart contracts and can’t be held liable for loss of any tokens due to the swap involving any DEXs. Please get in touch with them if you aren’t sure of the process.

Trading of BAX pairs during swap 

While blockchain transactions need to be paused temporarily during the swap period, both Babb app and centralised exchanges intend to provide BAX trading pairs throughout the swap. There may be a brief disruption to trading during the swap, we will provide further details on the next update.

You must stop trading on decentralised exchanges (DEXs), before Babb commences the swap.

Following the swap, Babb will no longer regard the OLD token as its utility token, the upgraded BAX will replace the utility on all platforms.

We will announce relevant dates in our next update.

What can you expect for the coming weeks? 

Priority airdrop portal 

We’ll release a web portal soon where current BAX holders, with external wallets, can request priority airdrops. Wallet addresses submitted via this portal will be given priority during the airdrop period following the snapshot of the BAX holdings.

Swap date  

We are aiming for the 6th of June as a target date for the swap. This is however subject to change, we’ll confirm and announce the exact date and time to the community through all our socials. We’ll also coordinate with centralised exchanges to make sure the process is facilitated smoothly.

Please be aware of scammers and fraudulent parties that might impersonate Babb with duplicate smart contracts. 

Thank you for your loyal support and for being an important part of our journey!

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