The Babb Platform Gets a Crucial Update to Mark the Start of the New Era.

September 2, 2022

Release 1.8.0

September 2, 2022 

London, United Kingdom  

⏰ 4 mins 


In the latest sprint, Babb’s focus was to integrate the long-awaited Currency X™ wallet into the app and introduce USDx to join GBPx and RIALx in the Currency X™ stablecoin family.  The new wallet section marks the beginning of a new era for Babb (Babb 2.0) and sets the scene for exciting new reveals to come in 2023. In this sprint, we’ve also improved some UI/UX processes like registration for newcomers that will ensure better functionality and a smoother user journey from start to end. We also gave our security measures an upgrade to further make our vision of becoming the first so-called CeDeFi or Centralised and Decentralised Finance banking services platform out there. A hybrid mix between the modern and the traditional.   

Let’s get into more detail about the recent updates. 

Currency X™ got its own wallet section

Currency X™ got its own wallet section. 

The fundraising product is no longer supported on the Babb app. But, in its wake comes the new face of Babb and the addition of the Currency X™ wallet that now holds GBPx and USDx. To soon expand and include EURx and other currencies from across the globe. 

So, when our users log back in right after the new update, they will encounter two separate wallet sections, offering the ability to switch between their Currency X™ and Crypto wallet. This provides a smoother experience on the app and an upgraded, cleaner format that allows users to easily differentiate between their holdings as stablecoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

This specific UI (User Interface) update is considered crucial as it lays the groundwork for the introduction of Babb’s UK banking product in 2023. 

USDx joins the X family.

USDx joins the X family.

Everyone, and especially Babbians interested in USD transactions, we welcome USDx, the latest addition to Babb’s Currency X™ bundle of stablecoins!  

USDx will have the same features as GBPx currently, with top up and cash out actions working for all of Babb’s operational countries (check the list here).  

Customers on the app will not only benefit from lower external fees on USD top up and cash out, but also transact USDx with low internal fees. The following pairs are now available for conversion as well as sending and receiving: 


Just to jog your memory, USDx is part of the Currency X™ bundle of stablecoins that offers a trusted way to send remittances for very low fees. Pegged to the value of their respective currencies, which in this case is USD, Currency X™ stablecoins allow you to send, receive, top up and withdraw to FIAT from inside the app with ease and convenience, and convert to BTC, ETH, and BAX. 

GBPx/BAX; what a pair!

As you may recall, GBPx was released earlier this year with GBPx/RIALxS, and was tested and utilised as part of the remittance flow. 

In this update, we’ve enabled a new conversion pair for GBPx that is available in both directions, GBPx/BAX and BAX/GBPx. This important addition enables conversions between GBPx and BAX, allowing further conversions to supported crypocurrencies and stablecoins until direct conversions are enabled in future updates.  

This new pair also addresses recent feedback about alternative GBPx functionality, when users do not intend to process GBPx for remittance purposes.  

GBPx/BAX; what a pair!

Bank top up and card top up are now both available for GBPx, USDx and BAX.

To increase functionality and widen our tokens’ capability on the app, bank top up is now enabled for GBPx, USDx, as well as BAX for all users in all supported countries. 

This update will provide the option of lower external fees for Babbians to import or export funds in-and-out of the Babb app while prepping the scene and testing the technology for the introduction of the Babb debit card and UK banking product in 2023. 

A further UI/UX improvement on the top up and cash out processes is already scheduled for release in Sprint 4 later this year. It will include an improved flow with the right security additions to meet regulatory requirements and offer a safer journey for incoming and outgoing funds. 

To a safer and smoother onboarding experience

The sprint 3 app updates considered some major UI and UX fixes in the onboarding process on the app. 

The registration process was re-engineered to minimize confusion and allow for a smoother transition from one step to the next during registration. 

We also optimized the required security checks like reCAPTCHA, eKYC, two-factor authentication (2FA), and email and phone verification to improve their visibility and placement in the registration process. 

Bug fixes.

For sprint 3, we’ve included some minor bug fixes that users experienced in previous versions of the app.  

What to expect in the upcoming sprint

Now, what’s in store for the next sprint? Well, naturally we have new Currency X™ additions (as promised). You’ll also see further improvements in user interface and user experience that are aimed at prepping the scene for the Babb UK banking product.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions on the app update 1.8.0. 

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