Upgraded BABB App: Adapting to the Latest FCA Travel Rules for Smoother Global Transactions

Keeping up with financial regulations can sometimes feel overwhelming for the end-user. We recognise the importance of adapting to regulatory frameworks – not just for compliance, but also for the enhanced experience of our users. As the latest FCA Travel Rules are about to take effect this September, we’re pleased to introduce pivotal updates to the BABB app.

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The Impending Impact of FCA Travel Rules on Cross-Border Transactions


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of financial transactions, especially those that cross borders. The latest set of ‘Travel Rules’ is set to modify how certain information is handled during these transactions. For the everyday user, this means a change in how they’ll conduct some of their financial transfers.


BABB’s Proactive Adaptation


While changes can sometimes feel overwhelming, we always viewed regulatory shifts as opportunities to enhance our platform. This drove us to integrate necessary updates into our app well ahead of the FCA’s deadline, reflecting our commitment to both compliance and user satisfaction.


What Changes on the BABB App?


At the heart of these changes lies the user’s interaction with transaction details:

Users will now need to enter the first and last name of the transaction’s recipient. If you’re transferring to your own account, simply mark it as “my account”.

Additionally, while it’s optional, we highly encourage you to include the date of birth of the recipient

This might seem like a major alteration, but it’s pivotal in aligning with FCA’s guidelines while ensuring smooth cross-border transactions.


Empowering our Users: Smoother Transactions and Enhanced Experience


These updates are not just about meeting regulatory requirements. They’re about streamlining processes to make cross-border transfers more efficient. By entering a few more details, you’re ensuring your transactions are compliant, swift, and less prone to potential hiccups.

babb app fca travel rules banking getbabb bax crypto transfer

Simple Step-by-Step Guide


  • Begin your transaction as you always have.
  • When prompted, enter the recipient’s first and last name.
  • If you’re transferring to yourself, simply select “My account.’’
  • Optionally, you can provide the date of birth to further personalise the transaction.


Your Security, Our Priority


Though our app is evolving, our commitment to data privacy and security remains unchanged. Rest assured, your details and transactions are shielded by state-of-the-art measures.


In Conclusion


As the world of fintech advances, BABB continues to be at the forefront, marrying compliance with innovation. These updates offer a user-centric experience in a safe, compliant environment. As we adapt to the new FCA Travel Rules, we’re excited about this journey and grateful to have you aboard. With BABB, your cross-border transactions are not just compliant – they’re seamless and secure.

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