From Unbanked To Visionary: Rushd Averroës And BABB’s Mission For Inclusive Banking

September 26, 2023

In the dynamic world of fintech, few narratives are as compelling as that of Rushd Averroës and his brainchild, BABB. A beacon of innovation and commitment, BABB stands tall, not just as another fintech endeavour but as a testament to Averroes’ unwavering belief in technology’s potential to drive societal transformation. It is a tale of vision and perseverance converging to challenge the status quo of the financial realm.


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With this piece, we delve deep into how BABB, under the leadership of Averroes, is not just revolutionising banking but is also pioneering a movement towards a more inclusive and equitable financial ecosystem for all. Through passion and purpose, together they exemplify how technology, when aligned with a noble cause, can indeed be a force for good.


TechForGood: BABB’s Drive for Social & Economic Change

In the midst of our technological renaissance, BABB doesn’t merely aim to be part of the trend but seeks to channel it for meaningful societal advancement. Guided by the vision of Rushd Averroes, BABB aspires to a reality where financial services are accessible to all, irrespective of one’s background or resources. Through BABB, the long-standing barriers limiting socio-economic growth are gradually being eroded, making empowerment a tangible reality for many.

BABB’s core ethos is founded on harnessing technology to catalyse positive shifts. Traditionally exclusive financial services are now being democratised, with BABB’s pioneering blockchain-based interventions leading the charge. These developments aren’t just milestones in tech; they signify bridging gaps and creating a world where opportunity knows no bounds and economic prosperity is within reach for everyone.



BABB’s Mission: Financial Inclusion for Everyone

In today’s interconnected global landscape, BABB stands as a beacon of hope for financial inclusion, challenging established norms and shattering barriers that have kept vast swathes of the global population at a distance from essential financial tools. Recognised as a key player in the TechForGood movement, BABB’s endeavours extend beyond mere technology integration; they represent a paradigm shift in how the world perceives banking.


For too long, banking was reserved for a few, with millions left stranded outside its ‘’gates’’. 

With its innovative blend of user-friendly app, BABB is turning this narrative on its head. Using a simple smartphone, you can tap into our crypto, fiat, and stablecoin financial services, bridging the chasm between the banked and the unbanked.


The cornerstone of BABB’s ethos is to make financial services an effortless experience for every individual. By leveraging blockchain technology, BABB not only dissolves age-old barriers but also empowers international individuals with the means to take charge of their financial destinies. 


The end goal? 


A world where financial agency is not a privilege but a fundamental right for all.



BABB and ESG Goals: Sustainable Social Impact

BABB isn’t just about financial inclusion. We also aim to make a lasting positive impact on society. Aligning with the United Nations’ ESG Goals, BABB’s initiatives resonate with the objective of creating a more fair and transparent financial service.


BABB Goals for inclusive sustainable finance: 


  • Reducing Migrant Remittance Costs:We aim to lower migrant remittance transaction costs to under 3% by 2030, easing financial burdens on individuals sending money across borders.

  • Promote Inclusivity: Champion economic, social, and political inclusion for all, breaking down barriers related to race, religion, economic status, and other divisive factors.

  • Equal Economic Rights: Ensure the underbanked and unbanked gain equal rights to economic resources, basic services, modern technology, and financial services.

  • Strengthening Financial Systems: Strengthen domestic financial ecosystems to broaden the accessibility to banking, insurance, and a variety of financial services for all individuals.



UN ESG goal 1





Our initiatives are not only revolutionising the financial sector but are also in sync with global aspirations for a better, more inclusive future.


Join BABB’s Movement: Making Real Change Together

BABB’s vision goes beyond mere transactions; it’s about weaving a network of connections where everyone is empowered. Imagine a digital nomad, journeying from one city to another. Traditional banking would hinder him/her with its boundaries and limitations. But BABB offers a simple solution by removing geographical constraints and providing seamless access to financial tools. This nomadic individual can effortlessly manage finances, invest, and even contribute to global projects with just a few taps on their smartphone or laptop.

By aligning with BABB:

  • You support a future where people can thrive, irrespective of borders.
  • You amplify the spirit of the TechForGood movement.
  • You champion a vision of inclusive and accessible finance for all.


Engaging with BABB is an invitation, not an obligation. In a world that values 

decentralisation and choice, how you participate is entirely up to you. Let’s collaboratively paint a picture of a future where financial empowerment is universally accessible. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

Take a minute to read more about BABB Sustainability Goals.


Shaping an Equal Financial Future with BABB

As BABB sails forward, our core vision remains unchanged: to forge a world where finance knows no bounds, and where everyone, irrespective of their backdrop, has an equal seat at the financial table. Rushd Averroes’ mission has aligned perfectly with our community, and together with you, we envision a more equitable financial future. Stand with us as we journey ahead, championing a true revolution.



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