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One of the leading Blockchain start-ups is introducing a new money account that allows people to have cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat money, all in the same account!
Learn more about the BABB platform’s milestone moment as the BABB CEO is the first to receive a salary in GBPx stablecoin via the app. What next for crypto?
Babb is phasing out OLD BAX token related operations as part of its recent app revamp activities to clear the way for the introduction of the Babb Banking Service in 2023 and to steam off some load off the app and reduce the administrative costs for record keeping.  
We are proud to announce the listing of BAX on MEXC Global Exchange, ranked as the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange in a recent article published by Coin Gecko. This partnership is one of many endeavors being set in place for implementation by the Babb team in the aim of boosting the BAX token’s liquidity in preparations for the upcoming crucial milestones we have ahead of us in Q4, 2022 and Q1, 2023. 
BAX got listed on MEXC Global
“The Merge” is what Ethereum calls its mainnet upgrade intended to combine the Ethereum mainnet with the Proof of Stake Beacon Chain to make it more scalable and energy efficient.
In the latest sprint, Babb’s focus was to integrate the long-awaited Currency X™ wallet into the app and introduce USDx to join GBPx and RIALx in the Currency X™ stablecoin family.
The Babb Platform Gets a Crucial Update to Mark the Start of the New Era.